Session 1: Wrestling with Mental Toughness. In this vodcast psychologist Christopher Shen sits in conversation with Francis Leach and expands on the techniques that can be deployed to develop and cultivate mental toughness.

Session 2: In this vodcast businesswoman, philanthropist and AFLW pioneer Susan Alberti sits in conversation with journalist Karen Lyon to discuss Alberti’s book, “The Footy Lady”.

Session 3: In this vodcast Andrew Mangan, ala ÄrseBlog” sits with Francis Leach to discuss and reflect on his remarkable blog journey and of course his love of the Arsenal Football Club.

Session 4: In this vodcast Titus O’Reily presents his unique observations on AFL and the cynical point of view that will make you laugh and often!

Session 5: In this vodcast the #swf17 great debate pits writer Tony Wilson and poet Alicia Sometimes arguing that there is such a thing as too much footy against the team of journalist Angela Pippos and comedian Matthew Hardy. It is a fun loving, roller coaster of joy and humour.